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Fireleaf on Fox 13


So Monday afternoon I was sitting in a meeting with a client when our Senior Designer, Chad, took a call on our office phone. As soon as the phone hit the desk he turned and said “Sorry but I have to interrupt you for this. That was Fox 13 and they’ll be here to interview you in a little while.” He then explained that they wanted us to review an image recently shared on social media by Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash.

Kelly had been reporting on the Rays playing in Boston. During some downtime at batting practice she snapped a selfie on her iPhone. Well, when she took the pic, she unknowingly captured a ball flying right by her head! Once the picture reached the internet it became an instant viral sensation. Many questioned the pic’s authenticity, that’s where Fireleaf comes in.

Fox 13 reporter, Josh Cascio, came to us to review the original image and give them our professional opinion. Well, Chad and I looked the image over, searching for the tell tale signs of photoshoppery — lighting, blur, pixels out of place and evidence of masking around the ball. After much deliberation we determined the image is in fact, REAL!

Most people have only seen the Instagram version of the photo, cropped so you cannot see the batter who hit the ball—clearly in full swing. Besides, if you’re standing on the Green Monster, during batting practice, reporting on the opposing team, balls will likely be coming your way.

Read more on My Fox Tampa Bay.


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